Jens Thegler has a traditional background in drawing and painting. He is, however, anything but conventional in his approach to the medium. Thegler plays with our senses, our perceptions of depth, perspective and space, but also our emotional awareness. Bright, inviting areas of teasing color leap out at us, while lurking just to the side the viewer is compelled to explore clandestine areas of dark, eerie madness. Thegler’s melancholic world reveals new meanings within our most basic emotions, thoughts and understandings of our everyday space. Though deeply personal and fiercely private, the viewer nevertheless easily becomes engrossed and finds their own unique connections to the themes and implications within. With strong ties to both film and animation, Thegler’s world is one of storytelling, wherein we are allowed glimpses of a before and an after, or maybe, a hope and a dread.

Thegler is a previous nominee for the prestigious Carnegie Art Award and he has had several graphic novels published by Carlsen Publishing.


1992-99 Danish Royal Academy of Art

Selected Exhibitions

2013 - Koloristerne, Den Frie, Copenhagen
2012 - Holkahesten, Gudhjem Museum, Bornholm
2011 - Kunst på arbejde, KØS, Køge
2010 - OP TIL 2011, Galerie MøllerWitt, Aarhus
2010 - En fortegnet virkelighed, Nick Clifford Contemporary, Vejle
2009 - Inventory, (solo) Galleri Udengaard, Aarhus
2009 – Paintspace VII, Rundetårn, Copenhagen
2009 – "Palles Børnebørn, 33 Bøger", Clausens Kunsthandel, Copenhagen
2008 – Phoenix-revisited, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen
2007 – Baby You Can Drive my Car, Marielyst Slot, Helsingør
2007 – Ego States, LARMgalleri, Copenhagen
2006 – Hotel, (solo), Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
2006 – Artists Choice, Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
2006 – Ten on Fourth, Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
2004 – No10 (solo)
2003 – Net-galleriet 'Wallhanger' (solo)
1999 – Solo at Gallerie Hellebæk, Hellebæk
1999 – Phoenix (solo), Copenhagen
1999 – EXIT 99, Kunstforeningen, Gl. Strand, Copenhagen
1999 – Charlottenborg’s Fall Exhibition
1991 – Drawing Biennale, Warsaw, Poland

Grants and Awards

1999 – Nominated for the Carnegie Art Award
1997 – Gerda Jensen Memorial Grant
1995 – La Fontaines familiefond, Switzerland

Other Works

Graphic novel – 'Krononautens Påske', published by Carlsen, April 2004
Painter for Zentropa’s flm 'Zacharias Carl Borg' (1999-2000)
Guest instructor, Holbæk Kunsthøjskole
Co-founder, Phoenix, Copenhagen